Project Description

     The project is devoted to the development of a modular English teaching course for technical universities. It is designed on the Bologna process principles. As the result of this project students and technical teachers in Russian Universities can acquire the necessary level of foreign language communicative competence for professional communication.
  The special foreign language modular course ILAN - is designed for teaching English for master students, postgraduate students, young teachers of technical disciplines, administrative staff members involved in the process of organization of international contacts, retraining and up-dating of skills for foreign language teachers.
  One of the objectives of the ILAN course is working out and implementation of multimedia elements for the course. Pilot trainings of master students, postgraduate students, technical teachers and administrative staff at different levels of ILAN-course will give the possibility of feedback.
  The modular ILAN course is considered to be an additional educational program and an element of life-long learning of technical specialists. On condition of getting positive results some modules of it or the whole course can be integrated in the compulsory foreign language course for master students or postgraduate students. The whole course will be included in the curriculum of the Centres of Engineering Pedagogy.
The implementation of the ILAN course and higher level of the communicative competence of the above mentioned groups of learners will contribute:
- at the regional level to the improvement of the system of foreign language training and quality of teaching by the dissemination of the outcomes of the project;
- at the national level to the improvement of engineering education system of Russia;
- at the international level to the deepening of integration of Russian and European technical Universities.



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